About us

Finstrum® technology is designed and operated by Finstrum International SA¬†on the basis of a financial license, issued by the Government of the Republic of Panama.

Basis fundamental for the development of Finstrum® was the experience of a company employees consisting of experts in banking area, certified lawyers, economists and team of qualified programmers competent in e-finance industry.

Based on the fact that for any consumer product should be, above all, convenient, secure and easy to use, Finstrum® developers did these three postulates the main criteria for establishing the system.

Immediacy and speed of transactions

Bank system in its modern interpretation is too conservative and slow, and also greatly influenced by the political situation in the world, which impacts the speed of transactions. Management control and national security programs slacken the pace of financial transactions despite the necessity to implement some new methods of business cooperation between contractors. And we understand the crucial importance of transaction immediacy so the only factor that might influence the speed of transaction processing in Finstrum® is technical imperfection of modern communication channels and data-transmission lines.

Support 24/7/365

Finstrum® provides financial management and customer support to ensure every user in finding the individual approach to solving his/her problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our qualified specialists working in the Customer support center of Finstrum® are competent in the field of bank activity and financial transactions in Internet. The mode of the Support Center allows users to ask any question, to perform any transaction or to see the account balance at any convenient time.