About Finstrum® voucher

Finstrum® voucher - is a new financial instrument, specially designed for handy, fast, secure and anonymous payments on the Internet.

Finstrum® can be used for financial transactions on the Internet, including shopping in online stores, the acquisition of electronic currency, deposits in online casinos and withdrawal of winnings.

Finstrum® voucher has many advantages:

  1. Is an electronic substitute for cash on the Internet;
  2. Extremely easy to use;
  3. Anonymous;
  4. At any time can be replenished and redeemed through the appropriate Agent;
  5. Supports a variety of currencies;
  6. Issued in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama;
An example of Finstrum® voucher appearance: Voucher

More about the Finstrum® voucher:

  1. Each voucher is characterized by a set of the following parameters:
    Number (or ID) Voucher - 10 digits
    PIN-code - 4 digits
    CVC- code - 3 digits
    Bar code, which is an encrypted number and PIN-code of the Voucher.
  2. To make a payment in the Internet voucher holder must specify the number and PIN code of the voucher.
  3. Vouchers can be used to pay in the part balance of the voucher. User can always check the balance of the voucher by simply visiting www.finstrum.com
  4. Vouchers can be replenished. To do so voucher holder needs to specify the number and PIN code or use a bar code of the voucher in the case of replenishment through automated devices (electronic kiosks).
  5. User can withdraw voucher balance, usually through the same agent, where he made a deposit (the same point of sale, the same shop). For refund voucher holder should indicate the number, PIN code and CVC code, or use a bar code.

Security of the system:

  1. Finstrum® voucher details (ID, PIN, CVC) are generated by three independent RNG`s, which excludes the possibility of fraud or hack by key generator.
  2. Finstrum ® website is hosted in the large data center, safely protected from distributed DDOS attacks.
  3. All transactions within the system are performed using a secure HTTPS protocol.

Legal information

Before using Finstrum® servises please read carefully our

Terms and Conditions and Public Offer.

Where to spend your Finstrum®

The list of sites that accept Finstrum® vouchers is constantly expanding.