Finstrum® partnership

Finstrum International S.A. offers mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas of its activities. Choosing Finstrum® as your partner is a right choice. Finstrum® is an innovative solution in the field of e-commerce and has no direct analogues. Together we will achieve new heights in business!

For Agents

Benefit from earning with Finstrum® today. More than four hundred retail outlets in Europe and the CIS-countries succeed as agents of Finstrum® payment system. E-commerce as the modern sector of the economy, from year to year show a significant growth, which deeply relies on availability means of payment. Finstrum® technology has already proved in practice its convenience and will continue an active expansion in the future.

Why you should become a Finstrum® agent?

  • You are guaranteed to increase your turnover and receive a high rate agent's commission;
  • You work in an ever-growing sector of e-commerce, so your income will also increase steadily;
  • Attendance of your point of sales increases due to Finstrum® vouchers buyers.

Finstrum® voucher is sold as a print with the necessary fields filled. Sale is possible via automated devices (electronic kiosks) or by a cashier manually. We are happy to provide you with all information on technology integration.

For Merchants

Give your business a new opportunity for growth - receive payments via Finstrum® vouchers. We at Finstrum® guarantee you in expanding your client base by ensuring that your website will be able to accept payments from the new, not previously covered, categories of users, including:

  • Users who do not want to disclose any personal data about themselves and their bank accounts;
  • Users who feel unsafe to pay with their bank cards in the Internet;
  • Users who do not have a bank account and/or credit card;
  • Users who know little about the Internet, as well as with existing payment systems;
  • Users who are accustomed to pay cash for everything.

Finstrum® is the most convenient method of payment for the wider population. Today Finstrum® is already popular with many owners of online stores, online casinos and poker rooms, as well as other e-commerce services. Our analysis shows an increase in turnover to 50% when Finstrum® payments are integrated.

Still not convinced?

On your request we will immediately:

  1. Send you a contract offer and extended system presentation;
  2. Provide you with our typical document forms;
  3. Send you our promo-materials and advertising banners;
  4. Provide you with all technical information and merchant API;
  5. Give you a system login for test operations.

Please write us a letter and our personal will get in touch with you shortly.